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Watch out for scary text messages and don’t respond

Graphic with a red pause button, a yellow check mark, and a green play button and the words pause, verify, report you underneath.

Scare tactics through text message are a common fraudster technique that you or your family may receive. Messages such as “Your account is locked”, “We can’t confirm your address to deliver your package”, “You bank account or credit card has suspicious activity”, are common. 

Because most cell phone numbers are publicly available, fraudsters can target users, sending texts that appear to be from social media, streaming, phone, or bank accounts. Although these messages may be enticing and scary, make sure not to open any of these links. 

Action Steps 

PAUSE and do not reply to any text with a message like these, especially if it has a telephone number. Do not copy or open any link or phone number listed in the text. Take a screenshot of the message, then delete it. 

VERIFY any issues with your account by logging in through the official website or authorized app on your phone.  Vendors will not text you any information that is not part of your official account. Call the customer service number or automated chat feature on the main site and ask about the text message. 

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